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Fiction film A Bedtime Story 00:07:16 Paulsen Erik Norway
Documentary film a bohemian musician 00:12:40 sahu rochak India
Fiction film A Broken Muse 00:03:56 Sequeira, Antonio United Kingdom
Documentary film A Case of Happy Accidents 00:10:17 Milner Laura United Kingdom
Documentary film A Dancer in New York 00:13:02 Pessano Dobal, Diego United States
Fiction film A Deathbed Travelogue 00:13:21 Chandler Maxfield United States
Fiction film A devil and an angel 00:01:40 Nejc Krumpačnik Slovenia
Experimental film A door hinged to obvilion 00:01:37 ghaderi teymour Iran
Fiction film A Dying Man Named Steve 00:06:48 Tristan Surman Canada
Fiction film A Feast in Kalix 00:09:00 Almquist, Viking Sweden
Documentary film A Film By Abigail 00:05:20 Paul Vernon United Kingdom
Documentary film A Filmmaker's Tale - Welcome To New York 00:10:13 Bañuelos Daniel Mexico, United States
Fiction film A Fire Within 00:15:08 Maitland, Robert United Kingdom
Fiction film A Flash 00:11:31 Cutler Niall Ireland
Animation film A Girl's Best Friend 00:04:04 Carroll Clare Ireland
Fiction film A Kind of Me 00:11:46 Corallini Simone Le Parisien Italy
Fiction film A Lemon Perfume 00:19:17 Carlot Sarah Belgium
Fiction film A letter a 00:04:01 Klemen Peras, Simon Potočnik, Ajda Račečič, Nejc Žolgar Slovenia
Fiction film A Life in Time 00:05:20 Florian Delhormeau France
Documentary film A Little Black Boy 00:09:00 Ondřej Šálek Czech Republic, Kenya
Animation film A Little Love Goes a Long Clay 00:03:20 Juliet Buckholdt United States
Documentary film A lizard under the skin 00:15:32 Maud Neve Belgium
Animation film A Man Called Man 00:03:33 Guy Charnaux Canada, Brazil
Documentary film A Modern Idiot from the Don Quixote Clan 00:21:00 Kakovkin Matvey Russian Federation
Documentary film A Moment At Grandma's 00:07:27 Jannis Alexander Kiefer Germany
Fiction film A Moment's Grace 00:09:22 Ridley Michael Australia
Experimental film A NEW BORN 00:10:13 Tognarelli Simone Italy
Fiction film A Night and a Half 00:12:40 Costa Amaral, Susana Brazil
Fiction film A Night in Millennia 00:08:01 Brian Ferenchik United States
Fiction film A Night in The Show 00:19:14 Gabriela Brigagao Brazil
Fiction film A Pale Pudding 00:26:44 O'Leary United Kingdom
Fiction film A Pirate's Life 00:04:09 Olaguera Isabella United States
Experimental film A Place 00:03:00 Chard-Tuckey United Kingdom
Experimental film A Place of Worship 00:01:00 mills emma Canada
Fiction film A Present 00:09:00 Muhammed Seyyid Yıldız Kurdistan, Turkey
Fiction film A REASON TO FIGHT 01:25:00 Baccini Alessandro Italy
Fiction film A REMEDY WHICH IS CALLED JELLY GUM 00:07:45 Zolghadr Mohsen Iran
Experimental film A short film about love at the subway station 'Just waiting for this moment'. The first subway opened in Nanchang, China Jiangxi. 00:05:35 Cao Qing China
Experimental film A small treaty on the god called Body 00:03:36 Andreea Dobre Romania
Fiction film a tale about a fish 00:03:11 Tal Shahar Israel
Animation film A Thing So Small 00:08:48 Watzman Mizmor Israel
Fiction film A Time Before 00:02:19 Goldkind Zac Canada
Experimental film A Tomato Is Not A Tomato 00:04:41 Zheng Lingyun United States
Fiction film A Trace 00:26:54 Kaufmann Andreas Germany
Fiction film A true love story 00:20:03 Cameo molero Guillermo United States
Fiction film A VERY PRIVATE PLACE 00:13:56 alghailan jamal Bahrain
Ads A watermill 00:00:43 Zierer Uroš Slovenia
Fiction film A wish 00:08:24 Katja Bačko Slovenia
Fiction film A Wolf At The Door 00:15:00 Whitston Scott United Kingdom
Experimental film A Woman at a Piano 00:01:20 Jamsheed Golnaz United Kingdom
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