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Fiction film W for Bites 00:14:00 Egana, Leire United Kingdom
Fiction film WAFFLE 00:10:56 Capra Nick United States
Experimental film Wait for it. 00:03:27 Noone Evan United States
Fiction film Wait, this is not what it looks like 00:08:54 Felipe Gómez Jacobo Mexico
Documentary film Waiting 00:11:02 Wissun-Bhide Caleb United Kingdom
Documentary film Waiting for the (t)rain 00:24:59 Panay Simon Burkina Faso
Animation film wake up 00:02:00 amin javaheri saeed Iran
Fiction film Wake up, my darling wake up 00:01:42 Millán Daniel Mexico
Documentary film Walk 00:06:29 Filip Jacobson Poland
Animation film walk with him 00:01:05 amin javaheri saeed Iran
Animation film Wanderer 00:01:30 Torregrosa Domenech Maria United Kingdom
Documentary film Waning Wolf 00:17:10 todaro ian United States
Animation film Warm Wishes 00:01:00 Olaguera Isabella United States
Fiction film WASHER 00:03:51 Yi-Ling Wang Taiwan
Fiction film washingtonia 00:24:00 konstantina kotzamani greece
Fiction film Wasted Night 00:02:03 Catté Joseph France
Fiction film Wasteland 00:10:32 Ralev Teodos Bulgaria
Animation film Watashi Rival 00:06:52 Weckwerth Scott United States
Experimental film Water 00:00:30 Caroline Ratliff United States
Animation film water and fire 00:04:37 amin javaheri saeed Iran
Documentary film Water to Tabato 00:45:30 Carneiro Paulo Guinea-Bissau
Fiction film wave of destiny 00:08:30 C Giustina Italy
Fiction film Ways of Seeing 00:03:37 John Jasmin United Kingdom
Experimental film We All Are Eternal 00:11:24 Moya, Beatriz Spain
Ads We all sit at the same table 00:01:08 Samec Marko Slovenia
Documentary film We are All Life 00:13:13 Aristizábal Catalina Colombia
Fiction film We are Hollywood 00:14:05 Menendes Diego Slovenia
Documentary film WE ARE LAIBACH 00:30:01 Menendes Diego Slovenia
Documentary film We belong here 00:21:00 Michal Kočiš Slovak Republic
Fiction film We Sleep 00:07:00 Vale Alexandre Portugal
Documentary film We would end the painting 00:04:51 Matthias Fritsche Germany
Experimental film We Would've Been Stuck Here Forever 00:11:04 Cluckers Jeroen Belgium
Fiction film We're Here Now 00:06:42 Richardson, Nikki Australia
Fiction film We're On Our W 00:12:55 Pickford Curt United States
Fiction film WEDNESDAY 00:04:00 Cohen Michael United States
Fiction film Weemoed 00:08:58 Yorn Heijnen Netherlands
Fiction film welcome 00:07:43 Muda Mochammad Myrdal Indonesia
Fiction film Welcome Home Brother 00:10:44 Tepina, Aljaz Turkey
Animation film Welcome To Grossvil 00:03:19 Jones Cameron Australia
Fiction film Weronica's Offer 00:19:56 Wieslaw Zielinski Poland
Fiction film West Child Story 00:02:32 ARBIOL JOSEP Spain
Fiction film Wet 00:05:54 Kathryn McCarthy United States
Documentary film Whale Aware 00:08:00 Lauren Gilbertson United States
Documentary film What a Strange Way of Life 01:49:12 Serra Pedro Portugal, Spain
Fiction film What Are You Thinking? 00:08:26 Jore Janaviciute Denmark
Fiction film What could be the name of the story? 00:22:00 GAIKWAD PRATUL India
Documentary film What Do I Desire? 00:04:55 Jrab Naseh Qatar
Animation film What happens in your brain if you see a german word like...? 00:05:19 Zora Rux Germany
Animation film What I'm Not? 00:02:38 Benisheva Belgium
Animation film what is your talent 00:05:30 barzan rostami Iran
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